Creative Digital Marketing Services for Nonprofits

Nonprofit SEO


Search engines are the prominent gateway to help people find your mission and drive web traffic to your site.


Organic search engine optimization can enable your mission to connect with mass audiences on search engines to drive direct visits to your website. 

Shoestring Digital takes a different approach in nonprofit SEO versus other agencies or specialists. First, we offer to run SEO software analysis to determine what your website needs to boost search algorithm ratings. We can also evaluate the strengths of other nonprofit/competitor’s SEO who have similar missions as yours. This initial approach can determine the strength of your opportunities in SEO and the viability of your investment (before directly jumping into performing the work).  


Scope of our SEO services:


SEO Audits


Keyword Research & Mapping


Establish Backlinks


On-page Optimization / Website Content Repurposing


Content Strategies (blogs, etc.)